ALITOM Group is founded over 30 years ago. Our specialist division, ALITOM MEDICARE, has 20 years of experience in the supply of medical consumables, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to international health authorities, various Ministries of Health and private hospitals and clinics. Our product range spans widely from dressing materials, medical disposables, generic pharmaceuticals (in compliance with international standards) to medical instruments, equipment and furniture.

¡¥Your Health, Our Affair, Alitom Medicare!'
¡¥Your Health, Who Cares? Alitom Medicare!'

Our Company motto speaks for ALITOM's mission ¡V we provide reliable, safe and superior quality products; we serve our clients wholeheartedly.

With over two decades of experience, ALITOM has established strategic working relationships with a handful of carefully selected manufacturers, mainly in China. Coupled with a well-trained, professional, hardworking and highly enthusiastic team, ALITOM has won its leadership position in medical supplies in a number of world markets.

ALITOM cherishes its excellent reputation and goodwill in the international market and continues to pledge its resources to expand its market share in the medical supplies industry. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

C T Ho
Managing Director

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